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Command Performances with Cheryl Knowlton Podcast Covere

Unlock the Power of Your Voice

I'm Cheryl Knowlton, the dynamite host of "Command Performances," bringing over 20 years of expertise in captivating audiences. As a Certified Speaking Professional, I've journeyed through the exhilarating highs and challenging lows of public speaking. I'm here to share these experiences with you – the triumphs, the stumbles, and everything in between.

Just like the esteemed "Command Performances" of old, demanded by royalty for their exceptional standard, we delve into techniques, strategies, and personal stories with the same level of excellence and grandeur. Our mission is to kindle a fire within you, to empower you to seize the stage with a confidence so compelling, it could command the attention of monarchs.

Explore Every Facet of Professional Public Speaking

Join me and my array of incredible guests, including many revered Certified Speaking Professionals and Hall of Fame Speakers from the National Speakers Association. Each episode of "Command Performances" transcends the ordinary podcast format. It's a vibrant, REAL conversation, an expedition exploring every facet of the art and the science of professional public speaking.


Whether you're a veteran speaker or just starting your journey in the spotlight, "Command Performances" is a treasure chest brimming with insights to help you monetize the unique magic in your voice.

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