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Diamond Speakers Circle Mastery Program



An unrivaled journey to mastering public speaking and standing confidently in the limelight of life's biggest stages.



Monthly Masterclasses

Classes cover 13 pivotal areas of professional development to keep you growing every month.

Weekly 90-Minute Power Calls

An hour and a half of interactive sessions for immediate feedback and advice.


Dive deeper into your development, connect with your peers, and gain insights from guest experts in a focused, immersive setting.

Transform As You

Learn to Command

In the Diamond Speakers Circle Mastery Program, you'll be joining an incredibly supportive community of like-minded individuals who are on a similar path of discovery and growth. This Diamond Circle is not just your learning cohort - it's your personal think-tank, your cheer squad, and your network.

You'll witness your transformation as you learn to command any stage with confidence, authenticity, and dynamic presence. You'll create intellectual property and influential content, develop a commanding online presence, and build a thriving speaking business.

This is more than a training program - it's a guiding beacon, illuminating your journey to reach your full potential. Invest in yourself, your speaking career, and your ability to create unforgettable command performances.

So step into the limelight and let your light shine. Join us in the Diamond Speakers Circle Mastery Program — where diamonds aren't just formed, they truly sparkle!





Unearthed Potential

Participants will unearth and harness their unique personal power, using their stories and experiences to connect authentically and meaningfully with audiences.


Strategic Business Roadmap

Participants will build a dynamic and effective business plan, a captivating branding strategy, and compelling marketing materials that stand out in the speaking industry.


Commanding Performances

Participants will master the art of delivering electrifying keynote speeches, interactive workshops, and engaging webinars that captivate any audience.


Fearless Stage Presence

Participants will conquer stage fright, amplifying their performances with impactful vocal techniques and a commanding stage presence.


Influential Online Presence

Participants will utilize social media and digital marketing platforms to build their personal brand, reach a wider audience, and create an influential online presence.


Nurtured Professional Relationships

Participants will cultivate enduring relationships with clients, event organizers, and speaker bureaus, cementing their foothold in the speaking industry.


Continuous Growth and Improvement

Participants will understand how to effectively receive, process, and apply constructive feedback for constant growth and improvement.


Strong Connections

Participants will develop strong professional connections and networks within the speaking industry, opening doors to diverse growth opportunities.


Tech-Savvy Presentations

Participants will leverage the power of technology to deliver memorable, engaging presentations and effectively connect with their audiences in the digital age.


Storytelling and Stagecraft Skills

Participants will master storytelling and stagecraft skills, bringing magic to their performances and leaving lasting impressions on their audiences.


Ethical Leadership

Participants will uphold high ethical standards and adhere to copyright laws, fostering trust and credibility in their professional journey.


A Thriving Speaking Business

Participants will learn how to diversify their income streams, negotiate contracts effectively, and build a thriving speaking business.


Rich Intellectual Property And Authorship

Participants will generate a wealth of intellectual property, expanding their influence and creating valuable assets for their business. Participants will also learn how to begin to author and publish their own book!


Command Performances are 

By Invitation Only

If you would like to explore whether this is your next big stage, schedule your 1:1 Discovery Call with Cheryl. 


You must attend one of our Quarterly retreats before being added to the Diamond Circle program. The cost of a retreat is counted toward the initial deposit. ​

Diamond Speakers Promise Badge

$5000 Deposit + $1000/month


* Please note: You must have a 30-minute Discovery Call before you can register. 
Attendance at one of our retreats is mandatory before being added to the program. *

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