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November 14-16, 2024
Live Retreat

Are you ready to transform your public speaking skills and captivate audiences like never before? This exclusive 3-day event is by invitation only.



Portrait of Jason Hewlett
Portrait of Cheryl Knowlton

Cheryl Knowlton, CSP

Jason Hewlett, CSP, CPAE

"Spent the weekend training with the best keynote speakers in the world, and what an experience! I’ve got a notebook full of notes, I’m motivated like never before, and I’m ready to speak! This experience changed my life!"

-Shaun Barrowes, American Idol Finalist and Keynote Speaker

Your Mission

Our collective mission is to empower you to perfect your "KILLER 15" - the most impactful 15 minutes of your keynote address. This retreat is designed not just to inspire but to transform your public speaking skills.

The Opportunity

This retreat is exclusively designed for individuals who are passionate about elevating their stage presence and storytelling prowess.

Expert Guidance: Join me, Cheryl Knowlton, CSP, and my esteemed partner, Jason Hewlett, CSP, CPAE, as we dive deep into the art of storytelling and stagecraft.

Hands-On Experience: Bring a 15-minute presentation and refine it through personalized workshops. You'll leave with a polished, powerful piece ready to wow any audience.

Networking & Growth: Connect with fellow speakers and professionals in a vibrant, supportive environment.



What to Expect

Day 1

Kickoff with a warm welcome, introduction to storytelling essentials, and the first workshop session.

Day 2

Deep dive into advanced stagecraft techniques and individual coaching sessions.

Day 3

The spotlight is on you! Present your refined 15-minute bit and receive constructive feedback from peers and coaches.

The "Maximize Your Magic: Master Your Message" retreat is 3 days of intensive training, workshop materials, and an unforgettable experience.

November 14-16, 2024.


Enhanced Public Speaking Skills

Participants will receive hands-on training in various aspects of public speaking, including voice modulation, stage presence, and audience engagement. This intensive practice will help them develop confidence and finesse in their speaking abilities.


Improved Storytelling Techniques

The retreat will focus on the art of storytelling, an essential skill for any speaker. Attendees will learn how to craft compelling narratives that resonate with their audience, making their presentations more impactful and memorable.


Personalized Feedback and Coaching

With the opportunity to present a 15-minute piece and receive individualized feedback, participants will gain valuable insights into their speaking style. This personalized attention will help them identify areas for improvement and work on refining their technique.


Networking Opportunities

The retreat will bring together a diverse group of speakers and professionals, providing a platform for networking and collaboration. This can lead to new connections, potential collaborations, and a supportive community of like-minded individuals.


Professional Development and Growth

By the end of the retreat, participants will have not only improved their speaking skills but also gained broader knowledge about effective communication and presentation. This professional development can translate into enhanced career opportunities, better leadership capabilities, and increased personal growth.


Available Spots Limited To

Nine People

This retreat is a BY INVITATION ONLY - an intimate event to ensure personalized attention, so spots are highly limited. Secure your place now and take the first step towards mastering your message.

Schedule your 30 minute Discovery Call to have a no-obligation call with Cheryl to see how we can best serve you on your speaking journey!



* Please note: You must have a 30-minute Discovery Call before you can register. 
Registration is upon INVITATION ONLY! *

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