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Navigating What’s Next:

9 Strategies for Tackling Turbulence

In a world where the only constant is change, mastering the skills to navigate turbulence is crucial for any leader and organization aiming to thrive. This keynote equips corporate teams with nine strategic approaches to not just survive but excel during periods of uncertainty and disruption.


“Navigating What's Next” provides a clear roadmap for overcoming challenges and harnessing the potential of turbulent times. Drawing on principles from various dynamic fields, including insights from successful companies, this presentation offers practical, actionable strategies that can transform your approach to handling unpredictability.​

Expect an engaging and interactive session filled with real-life case studies, practical examples, and strategies that attendees can start implementing immediately. The presentation is designed to be both inspirational and educational, providing participants with a toolkit to navigate the future with confidence and clarity.


Business leaders, managers, and anyone in a role where strategic foresight, team leadership, and crisis management are crucial. It’s particularly valuable for those who aim to lead their teams to success in unpredictable or rapidly changing markets.


  1. Visionary Leadership: Learn how to define and communicate a clear vision that guides your team through uncertainty.

  2. Adaptive Strategies: Discover how embracing flexibility can turn potential threats into opportunities.

  3. Risk Readiness: Understand the importance of anticipating challenges and preparing to address them proactively.

  4. Resilient Teams: Build a team capable of withstanding stress and rebounding from setbacks stronger than before.

  5. Effective Communication: Master the art of keeping your team aligned, informed, and motivated, even during crises.

  6. Lessons from Adversity: Use setbacks as growth opportunities to enhance team skills and strategies.

  7. Innovation in Crisis: Encourage creativity under pressure to find novel solutions that provide competitive advantages.

  8. Team Morale: Learn tactics to maintain and boost team spirit in the face of challenges.

  9. Authentic Leadership: Cultivate a leadership style that inspires trust, loyalty, and engagement by being genuine and principled.

Who Do You Think You Are

Embracing the Real You

In a world full of expectations and social masks, discovering and embracing your authentic self can be a transformative journey. Join Cheryl Knowlton, CSP, Chief Energy Officer of Dynamite Productions and celebrated keynote speaker, for an empowering and inspiring session that invites you to uncover and celebrate your true identity.


"Who Do You Think You Are: Embracing the Real You" is not just a keynote; it's an experience designed to help you strip away the layers of doubt, fear, and societal pressure to create more powerful, aligned, and authentic connections. Through Cheryl's dynamic storytelling and engaging exercises, you'll learn to:


  • Reveal: Unmask your stories and explore the narratives that have shaped your identity, recognizing the power they hold. This revelation is the first step towards building deeper, more authentic connections with your team.

  • Engage: Fully engage with your true self, gaining insights into what it means to live authentically and how to align your actions with your core values. When leaders engage authentically, they inspire their teams to do the same, fostering a culture of trust and openness.

  • Align: Align your actions and decisions with your authentic self, ensuring consistency and integrity in your leadership. This alignment helps in creating a cohesive and purpose-driven team, where everyone is moving towards common goals with clarity and confidence.

  • Lead: Lead with authenticity, understanding how living genuinely can enhance your impact in both your personal and professional life. Authentic leadership not only boosts your confidence but also empowers your team, making them more productive and motivated.

Cheryl in a Black Jacket with red nails

Cheryl's keynote is infused with her trademark energy, humor, and wisdom, making it a memorable and actionable experience. By embracing the REAL you—Reveal, Engage, Align, Lead—you'll be equipped to forge stronger, more productive teams that thrive on authenticity and powerful connections.


Step into your true self and unleash the magic within. Join us for "Who Do You Think You Are: Embracing the Real You" and start your journey towards more powerful, aligned, and authentic leadership.


Leaders, teams, professionals, or anyone looking to step into powerful, aligned, and authentic leadership.


  1. Reveal Your True Self:

    • Leaders will learn the importance of authenticity and how revealing their true selves can inspire trust and loyalty within their teams.

    • Practical strategies to uncover and embrace personal narratives that shape leadership identity.​

  2. Engage with Purpose:

    • Discover how to engage deeply with your core values and purpose, leading to more meaningful and impactful leadership.

    • Techniques to foster genuine connections and enhance team engagement through authentic interactions.

  3. Align Actions with Values:

    • Gain insights into aligning decisions and actions with your authentic self, ensuring consistency and integrity in leadership.

    • Tools to help leaders stay true to their values even under pressure, promoting a culture of transparency and trust.

  4. Lead with Confidence:

    • Build unwavering self-confidence by embracing unique qualities and strengths, empowering leaders to make bold and effective decisions.

    • Methods to cultivate resilience and confidence in facing challenges and leading through change.

  5. Create Authentic Impact:

    • Learn how living and leading authentically can amplify your impact on both your personal and professional life.

    • Strategies to inspire and influence others by being a role model of authenticity, fostering a positive and productive organizational culture.


Unlocking the Secrets to Overcoming Burnout for Enhanced Productivity and Profitability

In the fast-paced rhythm of modern business, the line between peak performance and burnout is often blurred. Understanding the nuances of burnout and mastering strategies for personal energy management can significantly elevate your success in the workplace and beyond.


Whether you're leading a team, grappling with personal stress, or seeking to boost your overall productivity, this session is your key to unlocking a more balanced and energized approach to your professional and personal life. Discover the profound impact that awareness, stress management, and personal empowerment have on workplace culture, employee engagement, and bottom-line results.


Hamster Wheel

Leaders, teams, professionals, or anyone looking to elevate their SUCCESS

Cheryl in pink tracksuit with dark pink pompoms


  • Understand the signs and sources of burnout

  • Develop practical and effective strategies for managing stress

  • Gain insight into how awareness of burnout can improve workplace culture and employee engagement

  • Translate awareness into action to benefit both individuals and your organization

The Energy of You

Are you ready to supercharge your life and become the ultimate power source of your personal performance? Welcome to "The Energy of You: Unleash Your Potential, Elevate Performance, Transform Your Life," a high-voltage experience designed to ignite your internal power grid.

This electrifying keynote will guide you through a transformative journey, from unlocking your untapped potential to elevating your performance in all aspects of life— career, relationships, and self-care. Delve into the neuroscience and psychology behind energy management and learn how it can be a catalyst for profound personal and professional transformation!

By the end, you'll not only understand the power of energy management but also be equipped to harness it as the architect of your own transformation.

Elevate Your Life and Skyrocket Your Success—One Watt at a Time!

Light Bulb


Leaders, teams, professionals, or anyone looking to amplify their ENERGY


  • Unlock your untapped potential with actionable strategies to break free from self-imposed limitations.

  • Elevate personal and professional performance by harnessing the physical, emotional, and mental energy to excel in your career, relationships, and life.

  • Avoid burnout through implementing instant-impact techniques for optimum health and wellness.

  • Create your own energy blueprint and leverage proven self-assessment tools like ProScan to develop a personalized road map for elevating performance.

  • Learn time-tested techniques and daily rituals that will boost your energy and serve as a catalyst for transformation.


Embracing Your Story

In this fun and funny keynote, we'll explore the importance of YOU owning your story and the benefits it can bring, like feeling more confident in your own skin and having a better understanding of your life experiences. With skill (and laughter), Cheryl will help you see what makes your story—and YOU—truly special!​

The Power of Owning Your Story and Taking Control of Your Own Life


Entrepreneurs, leaders, teams, and anyone who is ready to MAXIMIZE their magic and take confident, meaningful ACTION!



  • Take control of your life by understanding why you do what you do (and what you can do to change it!)

  • Feel confident in your skin.

In Person or


Let's do what works best for you!

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